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CURRENT STATUS: Any unsolicited self-published books for review will not be accepted for review as my reading schedule is packed. However, you may still contact me for other promotional activities such as blog tours and guest posts.


Well, hello there!

The fact that you are on this page says a lot. So, thank you for considering me to read and review your novel! Please feel free to contact me since I'd love to hear from you.

What I Will Accept

To make the point clear, I only read and review Young Adult (YA) fiction. However, I am open to all YA genres and I do believe that every book deserves a sincere and honest reader.

I will be the one for you!

How I Review

I have no particular reading schedule, however, I always review on time. The scheduled date for the review of your book is completely up to my own discretion, but if it is an ARC or an early finished copy, I will read it as soon as possible so that I can review it before the release date. 

I also accept e-books in EPUB and PDF format.

My reviews are posted on this blog and/or Goodreads. You can request other posting locations, as well as when the review will be posted.

I will always be honest so a positive review is not guaranteed, but this should not deter you at all!

The standard review will include, but are not limited to, the following: cover image, author's name, title, release date, the source (where I obtained the novel from), a Song of the Day/Playlist (a new feature since January 8th 2013) and a rating out of five stars.

Click here to see my rating system.

Blog Tours

If you would like to contact me for an author interview, I would be happy to incline if I am familiar or interested in the author's work.

I can also host giveaways and do any other promotional activities you would like me to do. However, please take note that all giveaways should be opened internationally as I currently do not reside in U.S. or Canada, and I do sincerely hope that people living in other parts of the world can have a chance to enter in said giveaways.

I would love to participate in blog tours so please let me know about them! Also, I can organize a blog tour for you if I am interested in your novel. Please click on the "Blog Tours" tab for more information.


You can get in touch using the form below.

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