Monday, June 4, 2012

Cover Couples: Love Triangles?

HAHAHAHA. You probably won't believe this! I didn't either when I saw this listopia on Goodreads.

Oh my good Lord, just wait until I tell you what my hysteria is about...

Quoting from Goodreads, "A lot of book covers look strangely familiar-- although they are brand new. That's because the photo used to design it already appeared on other covers, too. It has been bought from a stock agency. Some covers also use famous paintings."

Yeah, they do. Look familiar, I mean. Perhaps, a little too familiar.

Scott Westerfield's publishers were slightly more clever, I would say. They changed the colours of the this wonderfully famous eye. As for the other two, I guess they were too lazy to even changed that -,-

Next up...

This stuns me even more than the previous three because a) One of the covers has my name on it ._. and plus I saw it in the library more than once (something about mermaids?) b) I actually read one of the books, Evermore, and thought that the cover looked rather nice and pretty. c) I actually saw all three of these covers before and never thought about how freakishly similar they look. Identical triplets?!

You know what? I don't even want to say anything about this -,- They look precisely the same. I can't believe people do that and don't get sued. But, anyway, it's Stock Photos and they are royalty free (I did my research, people).

Oh my. *sigh*

Okay, these two are random. I never heard of them before, not even remotely. It's just another couple that caught my eye... But, honestly, I hope their respective authors never come across this. They might just swoon. Like literally.

These two really stood out from the list because of their bright colours. But one more reason to add on to my shock? I just received Intangible from J. Meyers, so I'm like "Oh" *swallows*. I guess that's that.

You can't say anything is wrong, but it just seems weird. Period. 

The final two *drum rolls*

They aren't exactly the same, kudos to one of the publishers for flipping it around. Ha. 

But, this one really hurt my feelings since The Treachery of Beautiful Things had my cover-love xoxo. I adored it and thought that it was beautiful! But the uniqueness and beauty just loses its shine after I saw its mirror image lookalike.


All in all, this is one random post. You might laugh at first when looking at the unknown covers in foreign language, but the feeling hits you with a bam when you see the covers that you hold so dearly to your heart right below a lookalike. 

Publishers who are willing to dedicate the time and effort to having a cover shoot and a one of a kind cover are the ones with full confidence in their books. 

And I just can't help but mention some of the most unique covers I've seen with live people ^^: 

Don't they just take your breath away? *dreamy sigh*

If you are in for more of the thrill of discovering new cover couples, check out the full list on Goodreads here

Sel (who always brings new surprises from around the corner) :)


  1. Hi Sel, really good post. I can't believe they used the same photo for so many covers, that's so wrong and you're right about publishers that one of a kind cover says much about the book and their dedication to a new novel. PS: I knew the photo from Evermore looked like something I'd seen before but couldn't figure out which book cover until I saw this x

    1. I couldn't believe it too when I saw it ._. Glad you feel the same! And me too, I thought the cover of North of Beautiful looked really familiar and only now do I know why. I guess publishers need to put it in more effort. Because ultimately, we readers all do judge books by their covers ;) Pretty covers make my day! So publishers should create more of them >:)

  2. OMG this is great lol. I love the blog, it is awesome! I found your blog over on Book blogs and followed you on gfc. I would love it if you could check out my blog! thanks, Kate

    1. Hi Kate, I followed your blog long time ago :D

      This is lol right? I was laughing too!

    2. Did you?!? How did I not see you following me, I really like your blog and I had no idea you were following me haha oh well! I know now and am following back! Yes LOL is laughting : )

  3. An original cover does so much more for a book. I hate it when covers are too similar and I hate cover 'trends'. Like the influx of half face/one eye shots that have been popping up on every other YA book released the past couple of years. With so many great artists & graphic designers out there you would think the publishers could make a little more effort.

    Great post!! :)

    1. Can't agree more!

      Recently, it's all beautiful girls in lovely gowns. I like this latest trend much more than the past one eye shots :) At least they all use different girls with different gowns! Yeah, like I told Shahnila above, publishers should really make a little more effort!


  4. Ha, yeah I have seen North of Beautiful and Evermore. Evermore came out after North of Beautiful so it really stood out to me since I own and read both. I recently got Glimpse (free nook book so that is probably why they used a stock photo) and I am not surprised LFS did it with deadly little lies. Her book covers tend to be kind of minimal at best, but they hold some of the most wonderful stories! Great random post!

    1. Oh my, that must be something, two books sitting on your shelf looking alike! But, true enough, some books really hold great plot despite a simple cover. So, I'm trying to get over my habit of judging books by their covers. The Selection (the really pretty blue one) is turning out to be not that good...

  5. I just looked on that list and there is even another one with the same cover as North of Beautiful, Evermore and Selina...called Simplicity

  6. That is one great post, there is also another 3 more cover situation that come to mind(hyperlinking all the pages via goodreads)

    1. the cover of the English edition of author Leigh Fallon's CARRIER OF THE MARK and the German cover of Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me

    2. the English cover of Saundra Mitchell's The Vesperine and another english cover of Aimee Carter's The Goddess Test

    3. the English cover of Amy Plum's Die for me and the German cover of Bethany Griffin's Masque of the red death

  7. The selection looks beautiful <3 I just borrowed it, gonna read it soon! :]

  8. There is a blog dedicated to this...all I can remember is that it's on Blogspot.

    1. (I meant a blog featuring stock photos used several times for YA book covers)

  9. Oh gosh! That is hilarious! I don't know about you, but they should take caution that there might be a cover just like it on another book? Yeah? But, I love Entwined's book cover. It's gorgeous! :)

  10. It is always so disappointing when I find one of these. Especially when I love one of the covers so much, and then I find it somewhere else. Also, it has to be painful for an author to see her books cover on another authors book. Especially when the other book was better. Yeah, original covers are best for everyone involved


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