Friday, November 9, 2012

Hollywood YA

So I've never been a fan of book trailers.

Because like many fans, I prefer to remain in blissful ignorance and live in my own bubble of fantasy. And because sometimes I'm strangely logical, I reasoned that if I can even be unhappy with the choices of cast made by professional film studios (i.e. Lionsgate for The Hunger Games, Alcon Entertainment for Beautiful Creatures), how can the random models in book trailers ever match up to real-life movie stars?

Uh, you know what, I'm wrong.

And here's a few fantastic trailers to show you precisely why:


This was surprisingly good! And if that guy was Adrian, as in the Adrian, he actually looks pretty decent (okay, fine, more than just decent)! This trailer does set the scene well, showing the secrets of the vampires. I love it!


Though it doesn't tell much, the mystery of Venice and its magical atmosphere already sucks me into the story. I simply cannot resist story with masquerades and hot guys behind golden masks!

Born Wicked

This is hands down one of the best book trailers I've ever seen. The music playing in the background when Cate and Finn are in a lip lock is seriously moving and has me totally envisioning a kind of Victorian era romance that is deeply magical. One word: beautiful!

Breathless Reads 2010 
(The Eternal Ones, The Replacement, Nightshade, Matched & Sapphique)

This isn't a trailer, but more of a commercial for these five books. I bet when they first came out, no one could have ever imagined how popular they would get...

And the guy in this trailer is truly swoon-worthy. And the last thing worthy of mention is the song playing in the background. It's Breathless by Miggs, quite a croony kind of nolstagic music, ain't it?

What are some of your favourite trailers? I'd really like to know :)



  1. I don't watch a lot of book trailers. I do like the Born Wicked and Venom trailers above. I also loved the trailer for A Need So Beautiful. It made me want to read it. The Mara Dyer trailers are also some of my faves. :)

  2. I <3 the trailer for the Breathless Reads 2010
    (The Eternal Ones, The Replacement, Nightshade, Matched & Sapphique)


    Another book trailer I like so much is the one for The forest of hand and teeth, by Carrie Ryan s2

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  4. Great Trailers :D Thanks for posting them here :D

  5. Wow!! Great trailers. I watched these trailers over and over again. Awesome! Thank u :)

  6. I am just not a fan of trailers. There rarely pops up a book trailer that I just love. I don't know why I am that way. I love movie previews. If I watch a movie or go to the theater, I have to see the previews and I enjoy myself. But book trailers just don't do it for me. The one that got me, the best one of all time and one that I actually watch a good bit, is the Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff trailer. It is absolutely awesome in every way. And I actually like the Venom trailer you posted too. Maybe my brain is starting to come around to them!

  7. I've never really looked at book trailers. :/


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