Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Have Our FOUR

So, hi guys!

I'm back from camp and I'm now an Outward Bounder who kayaked for nine hours and trekked on a mosquito-infested island with an eight kilogram backpack for eight hours straight.

I have certainly gained muscles which you never would have found before the camp (since all I do is read and sit like a hermit crab before the computer). But, honestly? Every single part of my body is aching.

However, there's this mind-blowing piece of news I found that I just had to share, aching muscles and all:

FOUR from Divergent is finally cast! 

Theo James

Theo James, the British heartthrob and current star of the CBS cop drama "Golden Boy," will star in Summit Entertainment's highly anticipated adaptation of the young adult bestseller "Divergent". 
LA Times

Divergent is one of my all-time favourite dystopian novels and Four has long snagged the title of my favourite book boyfriend. (See my review here.)

I am really happy to say that Theo James is someone that I can totally envision as Four. Thank you, Summit, for choosing the right guy.

Now, let's cross our fingers and hope that his acting skills can match up to his golden looks. And let's send a prayer to the God of YA movies that the Divergent film will take the world by storm. 

Read more on Entertainment Weekly | LA Times | MTV.



  1. Outward Bound sounds fun- but hard.

    I still need to read this one. It sounds awesome! :)

    1. Yes yes ;) You better read it before the film releases (March 2014)!

      Outward Bound was the most physically challenging thing I've ever gone through in my entire life... But really fun, nonetheless! I missed my books and the Internet though :)


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