Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday: Spotlight On You

Today is a very special day.

You see, I went to the Science Center and showed off some amazing photography skills!

But, you see, we finally have another Valentine's Day behind us, and with it, vanishes the hearts, the chocolates and Cupid... Oh, but today comes the Birthday Cake!

It's February the 22nd!

Happy 14th Birthday to a very good friend and also a loyal member of this blog, Wong Shi Le!

Thank you for reading my blog faithfully, offering encouragement, and most importantly, withstanding my insufferable advertising!

I didn't give you a birthday present in school today because I have a much more special one prepared!

Yesterday, when I was talking to you in SMO Training, I talked about giving you a book. However, the book I wanted to give you could only be found in Kinokuniya. So, guess what, I ordered it on Book Depository (*coughs* your address) and it's going to be... (drum roll)... delivered to your DOORSTEP!

It might only arrive after a week or so, I'm really sorry that it can't make it for your birthday, but it's the thought that counts, right?

The book title shall not be disclosed, but when we are in boarding school together, maybe you will get a call from your parents about a package and get a huge surprise!

All this is to bring a smile to your face, so be happy today on your 14th birthday! It only happens once in a lifetime.

Stay happy forever!

Dedicating this post to you and your iPhone which has my photos of you and your photos of me >:)



  1. AWWW <333 THANK YOU SELSEL <3 this is so touching (': ILY!

  2. YAY I can finally comment xD BOARDING SCHOOL <3

  3. Let's take photos of the bed, the closet and the ceiling! Snap away!

  4. Longtime no see this post! How's the viewership rates? XD still as high?


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