Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine: My Love Goes To You (Part I)

My Dreamy YA Valentine

Enough being said, Valentine's Day is coming!

Bookcase To Heaven will be kicking off a three-day event with a test to see which YA Boy is THE ONE for you!

Dive straight in!

1. There's a new boy in school. You heard that he is a fighter (bad boy). You:
a) try to catch his attention
b) avoid him at all costs
c) pokes around his past
d) go on with life

2. You like the way he speaks as he:
a) pierces you with his intense gaze
b) speaks his way to your heart with sarcasm and humor
c) smirks with confidence and layers his words
d) toys around with formal language that sounds royally charming

3. How do you want to spend a Friday night with him?
a) in an arcade with loud music and lots of dancing  
b) taking a walk and sharing about ourselves
c) an adventure, the more thrilling the better
d) dinner with slow music and fancy forks

4. Your latest crush was your:
a) partner (i.e. table partner, lab partner etc.)
b) friend who had helped you more than once
c) senior, mentor, trainer, teacher etc. (older than you)
d) the guy you thought you hated and whom you thought hated you

5. You would want his hobbies to be:
a) snooker, games
b) baking, stuff related to food
c) sports, all kinds
d) reading and music and collecting cars

6. You would love it if he asks you out like this:
a) corners you and "kidnaps" you
b) properly with gifts, words and everything
c) gives you a hand (it's your choice he cares about, nothing else)
d) appears when you need him the most and automatically becomes your date

7. In short, you prefer boys (who are):
a) sexy and dangerous and hot
b) charming (good with words), kind and caring
c) smarter than you and stronger than you 
d) protective, mysterious and doting

And you ask, will today be the day I find you?



Answers to the Test:

Mostly As: Patch (Hush Hush)
Mostly Bs: Peeta (Hunger Games)
Mostly Cs: Four (Divergent)
Mostly Ds: Edward (Twilight)

Tell me who you are matched with!


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Wishing you lots of good books to come along your way!

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