Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dashing Sons & Bubble Premises

This is a post that came out of nowhere :)

Teehee, the thing is, I chanced upon a very special blog after mindlessly clicking link after link. And, guess what? This very special blogger has amazing photoshop skills, skilfully creating stunning book covers just for the fun of it! And we all know there are some really pretty covers floating in the YA pool right now, yet nonetheless, the cover she created really does stand out.

Before I get sidetracked though, the real highlight of this post is actually a very wonderful question posted by her. She gave us the liberty of dreaming.

If that very picture was to be a book cover, what would you name the title as?

I'm going to share with you my thoughts, but this question is up for interpretation! I want to hear whatever crazy notion you conjured, whatever outrageous storyline you envisioned >:)

Okay, now on with what I thought. The first thing that came to my mind was "Raven in Gold".

Seventeen-year-old Raven never thought that she would be dancing in the arms of this handsome boy under a sparkling chandelier...

Lost in the woods of Romania during a study trip, Raven is kidnapped to a castle out in the wild. Beautiful girls from all over the world are gathered there to vie for the affections of the ridiculously beautiful son of Count Dracula. Swept up into a whirlwind of glamorous events, Raven is transformed into a lady. But behind alluring smiles and glittering masks, there are deadly secrets to hide. With schemes and betrayals at every corner, will Raven find out who her heart belongs to?


My sad attempt at writing a blurb...

But, yay! The creator of the cover liked the name, Raven, so *drumroll*... Here's the final product!

Many thanks goes to Lea @ Paper Dreams who first debuted this cover here. Without her, this post would have been non-existent!

Visit her and prepare to feast your eyes on gorgeous designs!

And, don't forget to tell me what you think. I am prepared to be blown away! ;)



  1. Sel! You are such a sweetheart. Thank you for sharing my cover art and I absolutely love your blurb!

    Your idea is novel < Ha! Excuse my pun... Ok, bad attempt at making jokes.

    Anyway, thank you again for sharing!

    Be sure to check by my blog to see information on my upcoming book, 'Units'... More pretty cover art :)

    PD <3

    1. Oh, thank you, Lea! You're a sweetie for letting me share this too!

      Can't wait to see your novel! I bet it has a pretty cover coupled with a storyline filled with novel ideas *reuses pun* <3

  2. Building on your idea, perhaps Raven was the Countess before the Count betrayed her and forced her into the Underworld. She vowed revenge and returned, Marked with the tattoo to remind her of her mission but sparks flew and she couldn't help but fall in love all over again! HAHA, sorry if I'm not making much sense here, revisions are driving me nuts!!! >.<


    1. Oooh, great idea! I love it! *rushes off to rewrite a blurb* :D

  3. Congrats on your idea getting picked! It would make an awesome book. And the cover art really is beautiful. :D

    1. I loved Saphire too! I think we both agree, the cover art really does take your breath away :)


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